YUI Editor in Movabletype v0.9.9

Richard Benson13 May 2010YUIEditor, MT Pluginscomments
Fair few little tweaks here and a change of thinking around the config file.

Major thanks to Dav Glass (the author of the Editor) for helping me out by pointing out the blindingly obvious and not getting mad at my idiocy!

Download YUI Rich Text Editor for Movabletype 4 v0.9.9

Version Notes:
  • Added 'ConfigYUIBase' to config.js so that you can host the YUI build files locally (this will negate the need for different versions of my plugin)
  • Moved to dynamic loading of required JS and CSS files to enable above, stopped short of the YUI loader for performance reasons
  • Added a function to config.js with a reference to the editor object that is called after load so that your own customisations can be added
  • Added full screen view
  • Fixed HTML editor box showing wrong size in FF (still an issue in IE)
  • Added insert file option that uses MT's asset dialog (if you have ConfigUseMTAssets set true)
  • Rearranged new buttons on menu
  • Fixed code to adjust containing DIV that was wrong, but somehow worked.  Thanks to Dav.
  • Various tweaks and bits to existing code/functions and additional comments
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