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Richard Benson13 May 2010YUIEditor, MT Pluginscomments
UPDATE: I've set up a feed and a category to help keep up to date

YUI has become my new favourite Rich Text Editor and I have been implementing it left right and center. It's extensability, features and ease of use are unparralled. It made sense for all these features to be available to me in MovableType also but no-one seems to have yet done that.  What choice did I have but to do it myself?
I was not going to release this yet, but there was demand for something very similar on the MT ProNet mailing list, so here is an early preview version.  Please do read the version notes properly as there are some important things missing and other weird quirks.

When I release this properly there will be a choice of downloads:
  1. Plug-in plus YUI build folder
  2. Plug-in referencing local build folder but not included
  3. Plug-in referencing yahoo hosted build folder

For this early version I have only packaged up the full version (1), but when I am happy with it and the full release it out, it will be available in different 'flavours'.

Install Notes (README.txt)
YUI Editor for Movabletype 4.1
v0.9 with YUI 2.5.2
Developed by Richard Benson

To install:

1) Copy contents of zip to your MT directory keeping folders intact
2) Edit mt-config.cgi and add the following line:
 RichTextEditor YUIEditor
3) Upload and enjoy!


0.9 - First public release
    ~ Works in entries and pages and allows switch between body and extended
    ~ Removed content area sizer as RTE will now stretch automaticallt to fit
    ~ Doesn't use MT's built in asset management
    ~ Doesn't allow switching between RTE and plain text using MT drop-down,
      you can however view in HTML edit mode
    ~ Weird layout issues in IE7
    ~ Form elements will be removed from entry/page content by YUI - still don't
      know why it would do this!
    ~ Tested in FF2, IE7, Opera 9


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