Pingdom Desktop Notifier is dead; long live Desktop Notifier for Pingdom

Richard Benson01 October 2012IT Pros, Administrationcomments

desktop-notifier-example.png We use Pingdom a lot here; we have 65 checks running at the moment, we publish our uptime reports for the most important ones, and we have our own-made Pingdom status screen up in the main office but we all miss the old Desktop Notifier. This died when Pingdom deprecated their v1 API and it seemed that neither they, nor the community, were going to provide a replacement any time soon, so here is ours; "Desktop Notifier for Pingdom".


download.pngClicking the above will install the application and all dependencies as well as create a shortcut on your desktop. On first run it will ask you for your Pingdom username and password, enter these and press save for the application to dissapear to the tray. The app is set to check for updates daily at the moment, as time goes on this will be adjusted to less frequently. Windows treats each ClickOnce update as a new program, so if you have allowed the app to stay visible in the tray at all times, you will need to do this after each update.

Features & Future

Currently this mimics the features of the original notifier, however it is open source and there are already some feature ideas in the issue tracker. We would welcome contributors to improve the features as well as the general coding, we will also be looking to make improvements as time allows.

Displays a bubble and changes icon colour if there is a down:


Combines multiple downs into a single bubble:


Right-click menu and double-click launches Pingdom panel:


Nice soothing green ball when everything is OK:


Also tested for internet connectivity loss (icon turns grey) and resuming from standby on a laptop. We do have very limited ability to test here, but it is working on all our workstations and our laptops, please report any bugs/crashes in the issue tracker as well as ideas for new features.

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