Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Designing the Complete Solution to Manage a Client's Business Development Needs

Surrey Business IT has worked closely with a client to develop a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This has been developed to capture key information regarding contacts and to integrate into one database a variety of business development information that had previously been held separately.

In order to meet the development brief a secure and easy to use system was required to enable the rapid location of contact information. The following key tools were incorporated into the system:

• File Notes/Trips
File Notes 

An important feature for the client was the ability to upload file notes, detailing what had taken place in a particular meeting; this was designed to be attached to a contact as well as a 'Trip' which linked all of the file notes relating to a specific marketing visit.

• Enquiries Tracker
Enquiries Tracker 

This area of the system was designed to enable posting of enquiries relating to new services. Enquiries can be posted from one manager to another (who automatically receives a notification about the enquiry), with an in-built reminder regarding follow up dates. This facilitates the handling of enquiries across a number of offices, from one central location.

• Mailshot Manager
 Custom Mailshot Manager

Functionality was needed to enable new potential contacts to register on the client's website to receive articles and for these registrations to be automatically integrated into the CRM. In addition the ability to send mailshots to specific groups of contacts was required with a variety of mailshot templates to vary the look of different communications. We incorporated a mailshot history, within this section, which enables the tracking of email activity and any non deliverables.

• Reports
List of Reports 

The system was designed to easily generate reports from all of the data held on the CRM. Custom reports can easily be added or information can be exported into Excel to enable further analysis.

As part of the development process, Surrey Business IT advised the client on further enhancements that could be incorporated into the system in order to improve functionality. A specific feature written into the CRM was Quick Response (QR) Codes. The addition of a QR code to each contact enables the simple and secure process of downloading contact information onto an individual's phone. In addition, Google Maps are featured within the address of each contact. Both features are very useful when managers are visiting contacts.

The system is hosted on the cloud in order to improve accessibility across a number of the client's offices and it is supported by multiple devices.

Please contact Surrey Business IT if you would like further information on how a Customer Relationship Management system could be developed to aid your business requirements.

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