Surrey Business IT created for a client, the beta of which allows job seekers to automatically register themselves with multiple job boards, affiliates to offer this service to their user base and job boards to get more relevant people signed up.


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Making heavy use of AJAX technologies built around in-house scripts and the YUI libraries, provides a very simple interface to the user yet provides a great deal of functionality.

Affiliates can make use of a JavaScript overlay for their sites that allows their users to register, just by adding a few simple lines of code. Job boards can be sent users direct to their existing registration scripts making their time from set-up to launch very short.

Surrey Business IT took the decision with this site that we would follow the "Release early, release often" paradigm for this project, and use a number of rapid versioning and deployment techniques to make this easy.  By using this method, we are able to get features available to the users much more rapidly, and there's no better way to test your code than have it used by real people.  By additionally integrating a GetSatisfaction feedback network in the site, we are able to work with the users of the site to make their experience better.
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