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Cloud Website Hosting

If your website is not suitable for conversion to our CMS or you already have a platform in mind, Surrey Business IT can provide managed cloud hosting that scales to your needs automatically.  Should you experience seasonal peaks, or traffic spikes due to marketing campaigns, most standard shared web hosting is likely to slow down or even fail at these critical times.  Thanks to our partnership with Rackspace, sites hosted with us can automatically and seamlessly scale up to meet any demand.  Speak to us to move your existing hosting to our cloud platform.

Hybrid Clouds

Start your migration to the cloud without discarding the investment you have already made in on-premises equipment by transitioning via hybrid cloud setup.  Surrey Business IT can manage your move to a hybrid cloud solution, keeping your data secure and building in resiliency whilst keeping costs under control.  By using a hybrid private cloud, services can be transitioned from traditional hardware on site, to cloud services without the need for disruption or extended downtime.  Speak to us about lowering your internal IT costs whilst improving reliabilty and resiliance.

Bespoke Deployments

For demanding web applications, Surrey Business IT can design, build and maintain a high-availability cloud infrastructre and assist in making the application changes to get the most out of cloud hosting.  Cloud hosting can allow your site to have automatic fail-over, load balancing and high-availability whilst keeping similar costs to a dual dedicated server setup.  Surrey Business IT has a proven track record of improving uptime and delivering a faster end-user experience without breaking the bank.  Speak to us to increase your website's availability and load times.

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