Software Development

For some tasks, off-the-shelf software may not provide the best feature set or solve the problem exactly as required.  Surrey Business IT can develop software that exactly matches your needs, is fast and is secure.

Desktop Applications

Windows desktop applications and Windows Store apps allow far better access to local hardware and files than web based apps as well as providing offline access.  Surrey Business IT has developed applications for end-users, other tech firms and pharmaceutical companies and can match the solution to your business needs.  Speak to us about how bespoke applications can improve your business.

Mobile Apps

Many companies are finding it hard to enter the mobile space, whilst consumers are increasingly using mobile platforms to find information and make decisions.  Surrey Business IT can advise on a strategy to get the most out of mobile apps for your company, guiding you through the options and platforms, and developing the apps best suited to your business.  Speak to us for guidance on how to best utilise mobile apps to further your business.

Microsoft Office Plugins

Surrey Business IT has developed bespoke Office Ribbon plugins for Word and Outlook to enforce data policies and simplify common tasks for users.  Microsoft Office plugins allow a company to add additional features to the software used by each of their employees and to ensure that important policies, like filenaming and location conventions, are adhered to.  Surrey Business IT design these with the end-user in mind, ensuring that, at the same time, employee's workflow is made simpler.  Speak to us about the range of possibilities when enhancing Microsoft Office products with plugins.

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