Practice Engine Fast Time Tracker


The Practice Engine Fast Time Tracker was designed and built to assist in managing our own time tracking.  The way an IT company works is different to how an accounting company works, Practice Engine is targetted at the latter and therefore is optimised for their workflow.  As our engineers jump between tasks and phone calls throughout the day, it is easy to miss time off.  With the new time tracker, staff can quickly and simply switch between tasks, tracking every last minute of time and allocating it all to the proper client.


  • Allows fast and easy tracking of your day's work into Practice Engine.
  • Registers a global hotkey (CTRL+ALT+T) that works from any application at any time.
  • Times your work for you, and inserts that time into Practice Engine timesheets.
  • Tracks multiple jobs throughout your working day.
  • Time can be added or removed manually to entries to catch up on missed starts.
  • Alerts you at the end of your work day if you have uncommited entries.
  • Managed installation and automatic updates.


Creating a new time entry

  1. Either:
    1. Press CTRL+ALT+T from anywhere.
    2. Press the "New" button in the main window
  2. This spawns the new entry window, start typing a client's name and suggestions will appear:
  3. Double-Click a client name and the defaults for that client will be filled in, click accept when happy:
  4. This creates a blank entry, ready for a description and to start the timer:

The Entry window

Main Listing Window

Options Window


Please contact us to speak about pricing and implementation of the Fast Tracker in your Practice Engine enabled organisation.

Revision History


  • Add boiler pate text settings, through options screen


  • Fix for crash if no state file found

v0.1.0.1 (Beta)

  • State will be saved if closed or crashed out, even through computer restarts.


  • Tidy border styles
  • Resize client chooser
  • Tweak title in list to include client code
  • Move login button to options
  • Take out Remove all button
  • Add save all button
  • Better closing if no client selected
  • Make timer window resizable


  • Obey chargebands set by service on the client


  • "LOST" clients are now not included in lists


  • Fix accrued time being doubled in some situations


  • Fix to login form
  • Add option to always round up values (e.g. 1.01 will become 1.1)
  • Time recording is now more accurate for jobs frequently started and stopped and with a low number of decimal points


  • Fix reversion where descriptions couldn't be entered


  • Fix where default service not being used


  • TImer screen now closer reflects changes made elsewhere


  • Add option to automatically start timers as soon as new button/shortcut key pressed


  • Change colours for better support of older Windows versions
  • Other changes to fix support on XP and 2003


  • Fix focus on new client


  • Order analyses entries by name


  • Daily reminder now repeats until jobs are cleared
  • Allow changing of the shortcut key
  • Arrow keys and enter can now select clients on a new job


  • Allow setting a warning time

v0.0.1.14 (Alpha)

  • First available build.
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