Web Development

Every business needs a presence on the web and Surrey Business IT can guide you through the entire process; from advising on the form your website should take to building out your requirements.  We specialise in bespoke internet applications but also offer affordable, easy to manage websites for small businesses and start-ups.

Content Managed Websites

For Business Owners

At the very least, every business should have a marketing website that makes it easier for new customers to find them and existing clients to get more information.  Surrey Business IT has developed, entirely in-house, a content management system (CMS) to make websites simple to create for everyone, with no need to know any code at all.  The CMS takes away a lot of the complexity of managing a website, allowing business owners and their representatives to easily manage content; from posting news articles to uploading photos.  All the background work of creating the pages, updating navigation, resizing photos and creating lightboxes is managed for you, allowing you to focus on what is most important; marketing your business.  All sites that run on our CMS are hosted on our custom cloud hosting structure with very high uptime and are created with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.  This very site is created entirely in our CMS and hosted on our UK Cloud Infrastructure.  Speak to us about simplifying your website management process or creating a new website to push your business forward.

For Designers

Our CMS is also made for designers to use, allowing them to create beautiful templates whilst only using the languages they know best; HTML and CSS.  Speak to us to find out how our CMS could free you from the contraints of code and let you design the sites your clients deserve.

E-Commerce and Shopping websites

Not every bricks and mortar store is the same, so why should online shops all be the same?  Surrey Business IT build bespoke webshops that suit your business and your customers.  No-one understands your business better than you, Surrey Business IT will work with you to design a shopping process that works for your customers and a management area that works for you.  Speak to us to find out how we can make a webshop that is as unique as your business. 

Business Process Improvements

Many businesses will store and track data using multiple disconnected Excel sheets, leading to problems with multiple editors, data entry and reporting.  In every instance where Excel is being used like this, a web-based application will improve efficiency and give better visibility on key business performance indicators.  Furthermore, Surrey Business IT can look at various business processes and suggest how bespoke software can improve on the current system.  For example; tracking new enquiries between multiple offices is often handled by each office seperately, often with different templates for the data lists.  Combining all offices into a single system allows top-level management to report on this data for any or all offices, at any time.  Speak to us about optimising your business processes and getting better access to the vital business data you already hold.

Bespoke Web Applications

Whatever your idea for a web application, Surrey Business IT can build it.  We operate on a belief that anything is possible, and encourage our clients to ask for exactly what they want, not to temper down their desires based on previous experience.  We then work with the client to produce a realistic proposal that fits into their time and budgetary contraints.  Speak to us about your dream web business and how we can make it a reality.

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